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Which Healthy Snacks To Buy?

Bye-bye, boring snacks. Hello, easy healthy snacks that are truly delicious and definitely nutritious! 

Forget the celery sticks and peanut butter; here are the best healthy snacks you’ll actually be excited to eat. 

Easy Healthy Snacks 

Healthy snacking can be a great way to boost your protein intake, keep hunger at bay, and maintain your energy levels—but finding tasty, healthy snacks to buy can also be challenging. 

There are only so many days in a row that you can eat raw veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, or a plain hard-boiled egg. You want good snacks that not only taste great but also give your body the nutrients it needs. 

At KUDO, we take guilt-free snacking seriously. We’re on a mission to bring you the best healthy snacks so you can live your best life! 

KUDO Protein Popcorn

KUDO makes farm-to-table snacking easier. Using corn straight from the farm, our Protein Popcorn is not only healthy but delicious too. Plus, with protein infused into each popped kernel, you know that each bite is as beneficial as it is tasty. 

✅ 10G protein per bag

✅ 50 calories per cup

✅ Gluten-free

✅ Keto-friendly

✅ 100% whole grain

✅ Non-GMO

Garlic Parmesan

Cheesy, garlicky, and irresistibly snackable. The ultimate savory popcorn flavor, keep a bag on hand when you need an afternoon snack that will curb the cravings and leave you feeling satisfied. 

The perfect snack pairing? Garlic Parmesan Protein Popcorn and nori (dried seaweed).

White Cheddar 

A popcorn classic, White Cheddar never disappoints. The perfect addition to any lunch—salad, sandwich, even soup—keep popping the protein all afternoon long! 

The perfect snack pairing? White Cheddar Protein Popcorn and apple slices. 

Salty Sweet Kettle Korn

Sweet and savory, don’t hesitate to reach for a bag of this kettle popped perfection when you’re craving something sweet. Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry. There are ZERO grams of added sugar.

The perfect snack pairing? Salty Sweet Kettle Korn and dried fruit + almonds.

Shop KUDO Protein Popcorn. 

KUDO Protein Krisps

Made from puffed whey protein, our Protein Krisps are where delicious nutrition meets convenience. Loaded with protein and made to satisfy your cravings, these snack bars are ready to help you take on the day, no matter what life throws at you.  

✅ 20G protein 

✅ 12G fiber

✅ 280 calories

✅ Gluten-free

Birthday Cake

Make every day feel like your birthday with this flavor! Marshmallowy goodness with colorful sprinkles on top—it looks (and tastes!) like a treat, but we promise you it's doing good for your body.

The perfect snack pairing? Birthday Cake Protein Krisp and a fruit smoothie.

Chocolate Peanut Butter 

Is there a better pairing than chocolate and peanut butter? An iconic flavor duo, this bar will tackle those sweet tooth cravings in no time, and the best part? No sugar crash! 

The perfect snack pairing? Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Krisp and a banana. 

Blueberry Muffin

Your morning muffin just got an upgrade. Start your day off right with a protein bar that sets you up for success, supplying your body with the protein, fiber, and nutrients it needs. 

The perfect snack pairing? Blueberry Muffin Protein Krisp and yogurt.

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